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If you’re looking for the fastest growing brand in today’s paint spraying market – this is it. But we’d like you to think of it as more than a brand. We’d like you to think of it as your local paint spraying warehouse – the place to go for paint spray. If you’re a distributor selling paint spraying equipment and consumables – this is where you want to be. There’s a complete range of pumps ranging from small electrically driven hand-held units up to complete pneumatic airless systems; a superb line-up of high pressure guns; the best tips in the business; filters that cover just about every requirement and all manner of hose – from high pressure assemblies to low pressure air hose for suction. And that’s only what’s featured here.  


For the distributor, there’s a real plus here. Your customer doesn’t have to be using a
Q-Tech paint spraying pump to take advantage of this portfolio of products. All of the paint spraying consumables are manufactured to the same exacting OEM standard that equals and in many cases exceeds the specification of the original manufacturer – and can easily be cross-referenced against Graco, Titan, Wagner or other suppliers’ product codes. Looking for a packing kit for a Titan 440i – try Q-Tech. Need a Graco Easy-Out™ filter quickly – go to Q-Tech. Customer asking for a tip to match that Wagner gun – Q-Tech will give you the best deal.


All consumables. All spares. All makes.
One shop. Make sure it’s Q-Tech.