If you’re applying paint by hand the three factors that will most affect the final finish are the preparation of the substrate; the paint – and the brush. Change over to spray and the first two remain critical – with the brush being superseded by the correct combination of paint spraying gun and tip. These are absolutely paramount; to get the best finish, they’ve got to be right. The highest quality raw materials need to be crafted carefully to form a precision assembly that is capable of atomizing paint at pressures of up to 7200 psi – and spraying it evenly onto the substrate. This assembly needs to be light weight, comfortable in the hand – yet still capable of withstanding the rigours of site use.


TriTech are a 100% USA company specialising in the design, manufacture and assembly of high pressure airless paint spraying equipment – guns, tips, guards, extension poles, and recently introduced – a brand new range of electric airless paint spraying pumps. All of their products easily meet the criteria above.


If you’re airless paint spraying, and you’re looking for the best results – this is the range you need.